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Niche: Lovely flowers

I’m having déjà vu with this shirt. I don’t think I’ve posted about it before. Or have I?

I guess we’re all vulnerable to our mind’s weirder whispers right now. Is it one metre or two? Why am I the only one in the park wearing a mask? In the US people are fighting for the right to risk catching a life-threatening disease. Crowds of protesters are hurled together, surely not all virus free. Is life now just a level of risk?

Will the Garden Rescuers ever run out of gardens to rescue?

Garden Rescue. Garden Rescue. Co-Op Rainbow Uni-Cones. R numbers. Masks? Isn’t something better than nothing? Matt Hancock looks sheepish. Please not another Zoom quiz, please. I must understand my white privilege. Garden Rescue. Garden Rescue. Techno. Techno. Techno.

This shirt looks nice. I’ve seen it somewhere before. Probably on No Man Walks Alone — the only place I could have seen it. Unless I’ve written this before. It’s by Niche. You can get it on No Man Walks Alone. Did I say that already?


Lovely flowers. Carming. Natural. Naturey. I should spend more time in the garden. Garden Rescue. Garden Rescue.



Why would you buy this? It’s not in the sale. Everyone’s going on sale now. Is it safe? Why would you buy this? It doesn’t make any sense. Lovely though. Lovely flowers. Don’t like short sleeves. But I like the collar. Lovely flowers. Lovely flowers.

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