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*A Vontade: Become the real you

Even during the best of times, it’s rare enough for stories concerning menswear to surface in the mainstream media. While the ongoing pestilence has naturally banished such foppish coverage completely. Or so I thought. Call it Covid fatigue, but over the last few weeks a number of outlets have jumped on the idea that sustained lockdown is encouraging men to dress as they’ve always wanted to.

All it’s taken is a pic of Armie Hammer in a crop top, some dude (apparently married to Gwen Stefani) with a homemade haircut and a handful of ‘only famous in the US’ types with pink mullets and it’s a ‘thing’.

Supposedly, now free of social pressure and the formal demands of work, us blokes are now free to revert to our most comfortable form, the drummer in Green Day.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the opposite is true. House arrest just means old shorts and ‘bed tees’. This isn’t what I want to wear. It isn’t me reverting to type. Quite the contrary. I just don’t see any benefit in idling about on the sofa in £300 trousers. I don’t mean to be crass about cost you understand, it’s just a fact. Any regular readers here spend more than the average on well made, considered, beautiful pieces — why risk, snags, stains and general wear when you’re just eating beans on toast in front of Vera.

I don’t think lockdown leads to sartorial emancipation. As is common, I think the mainstream media is turning a small bit of fluff into a bigger bit of fluff. I dress like my true self out in the real world. I’m beginning to not recognise the miserable urchin I see in the mirror each day.

Still, were I to play along with a media hypothesis I don’t believe, I might recommend this top-to-toe Mexican ensemble. Presumably you’ve always felt imprisoned within your simple, striped oxford shirt and are hungry for the opportunity to really wear stripes, I mean, really wear stripes. Like a man. Like a tiger of a man. Well, here’s your chance.

This get-up is by *A Vontade. You can grab the jacket and the trousers over at Sunnysiders. Wear the whole thing at once. All the time. Never remove it. It’s the real you. It always has been.

Full disclosure: I’m ashamed to say when buzzing down my stubbly beard a couple of weeks back, I did leave a moustache to see what it looked like. But after a few days my girl complained the ends were going yellow, so that was the end of that.

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