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Sasquatchfabrix: looking like a dick was not central to their moodboard

Sasquatchfabrix’s denim pieces don’t seem to get much play in the UK. Goodhood et al have been offering coats, trousers and the familiar prints for time, but the brand’s denim experiments are rarely seen outside Japan. Perhaps this jacket explains why.

I can’t remember ever thinking that my outerwear would benefit from less front. Blazers, parkas, chore jackets — at no time have I considered the absence of a giant hole in the front to be a bad thing. Perhaps it’s just me. Maybe denim jackets with an orifice advertising your beer belly are a thing now? I spent last weekend in the Midlands — have things really changed that much while I was away?

I guess the image above illustrates the practical benefit of the design. See, you can easily get your hands into your hoodie pockets. Soft jersey can be warmer than coarse denim, so it makes sense. On the other hand, you’ll look a bit of a dick.

I expect Sasquatchfabrix don’t agree with me. You have to assume that when Sasquatchfabrix produced this jacket their design brief was probably the opposite of looking like a dick. I expect looking like a dick was not central to their moodboard.

So, where does that leave us? Well, I remain entirely respectful of Sasquatchfabrix’s work (contrary to my overuse of the phrase ‘look like a dick’.) However, I can under no circumstances entertain the idea of walking around in a coat with considerably less front than back.

It’s a head scratcher to be sure. But my conclusion is that I almost certainly won’t be spending £230 on this ridiculous denim coat. I hope you’ve enjoyed this pointless journey with me today. Now feel free to go about your business.

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