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Polyploid make interesting coats, if you can find them

Polyploid is a German brand. They’re unisexual, which is obviously an open door policy for partner-pilfering. But they do make really interesting coats. Not just coats I should say, they also do a cool line in oversized trousers. But the coats, long-line and minimal, feel pretty good for now.

For a brand so close to the UK, it’s remarkably difficult to figure out who stocks Polyploid. I clicked on the stockist link on their website and it just says, ’email for details.’ The journalistic laziness kicked in — I didn’t bother. That said, they’re definitely stocked at Tokyo based Coverchord. And while Japan seems a fair way to go (proxy) for a German jacket, I can’t help but respect the fact that I’ve never heard of them. And as we all know, a good brand nobody’s heard of is worth around 1000%* more than a good brand everyone’s got.

*Figures hypothetical at time of writing

Beyond the nice green, the little notch in the cuff, the pleasing length and the neat collar, it’s all about that pocket. I suppose there might be some practical justification for it being on the wonk like that — easier to penetrate with your right hand? But for me, it just looks good. I’m simple like that. Stick a pocket on with no respect for the X or Y axis and I’ll assume you’re a genius.

I’ve just done a modicum of reading about the brand. Apparently each style is manufactured in three different fabrics, to (get this) “express a unique sensation.” I love that kind of thing. Flowery language designed to make something broadly simple suggestive of artfulness and emotion.

I’ll give you another unique sensation. Imagine how you’d feel if you dropped £472 on one of these — plus shipping, plus proxy service, plus import duty — only to discover there was a stockist must nearer to you. As I say, there might be. Go here if you can be bothered to ask.


      • John Goddard

        No worries Steve. I always read and look forward to your posts.

        This coat is excellent, by the way!

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