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Pherrow’s trousers: a club that will have you as a member

This is a strong pair of winter trousers. But they’re not just that. These are from Pherrow’s, a Japanese imprint with a formidable rep for producing vintage inspired re-workings, denim and superb quality sweats. The cut and the cloth really mark these out. The labyrinthine mix of wool, polyester, acrylic, rayon and nylon will certainly keep you warm. And the shape. Well, that loose-thigh-sharp-taper vibe will immediately grant you membership to the kind of exclusive sartorial club populated by David Byrne, Don Johnson and Ozone from Breakdance: The Movie.

I should also include the mighty Andy Weatherall. An aficionado of all things workwear and vintage, here’s the revered DJ appearing in retailer Clutch Cafe’s new look-book, wearing these exact trousers.

On board there’s the expected four pockets and zip fly, nothing tricky. What we’re talking about is just a smart alternative to reaching for the jeans. They’ll go with just about everything you already own and will easily pair with sneakers. But you know all this. They’re just a pair of nice flecky trousers. OTHER/Shop used to sell similar pieces, before they shuttered. At £189 I think they’re pretty reasonable. Not a massive price to pay to enter a club with such hallowed company.

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