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Adolescent politicising aside…

Japanese imprint Black Weirdos are finally getting noticed in the UK. Back in November 2016 I was banging on about their psychedelic streetwear and quietly, without any noticeable fanfare, a few pieces have turned up over at London’s Goodhood. The obsession with 60’s counter-culture remains, as does the brand’s predilection for loose workwear shapes and condensed-font sloganeering. This is my pick from the Godhood drop. The front of this sweat features a badge that says, “Five levels of conscious expansion.” The back, as you can see shouts out to “Legalize acid.” Profound it may not be. But if getting noticed is your prime directive, this slab of orange text will probably do it for you.

Adolescent politicising aside, the shape and fabric is reasonably on point. Velour has been sort of a thing during the last couple of seasons, so I guess that’s continuing. Mostly though, I like the shape – droopy and mildly oversized. And with the addition of that pair of giant-zipped pockets, it’s almost got one foot in the jacket camp.

It’s a cotton/poly mix with a bit of rubber stirred in to make the badges pop. It looks beautifully made. But in truth there are pieces over on the Black Weirdos brand site which, to my eyes, look more interesting but haven’t made the cut for the Goodhood buy.

I just don’t know that I feel so strongly about campaigning for the legalisation LCD to wear this. Besides, who knows in what direction our new heel-clicking, mop-headed, liar-in-chief is going to take the country? By next month even wearing garments like this might be illegal too.

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