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Looking like I’ve shamed myself

Vintage American workwear and military uniform are well mined inspirations for many Japanese and Korean brands. While it frequently results in beautiful, inspiring and meticulous clothing (of the kind we examine regularly here) it does present something of a challenge. How to continuously reinvent? How do you remain true to your inspirations, while also creating products that stand out from the crowd?

Tokyo’s Bru Na Boinne have answered the question by dipping their jeans in a slanted puddle of bleach.

Not sure where I stand on these jeans. But I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be standing anywhere in these jeans. I respect that the brand is trying to further the menswear conversation. But I think these just look a bit like the wearer has had an unspecified accident. Perhaps while painting a house. Or doing some plumbing. Or maybe it’s just the result of an entirely undisciplined, spectacularly acidic piss.

I don’t think I’ll be buying these. Progressive, challenging and surprising menswear I like. Looking like I’ve shamed myself, not so much.

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