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Finding some common ground

Sophnet and Nonnative have collaborated on a capsule collection, available now over at Coverchord. A couple of shirts, some trousers, a number of tees, that’s the extent of it. What I find mildly interesting is the idea of Nonnative (familiar for their clean, elevated simplicity) and Sophnet (who along with their sub-brand Uniform Experiment, seem to trade pretty  heavily in logo-splashed, pattern-clashing, youth-wear) finding some common ground. To my mind this shirt is the pick of the result.

It’s oxford cotton, indigo dyed (with a “color stop” process, meaning you shouldn’t get blue all over yourself and others) and it boasts a long length. Not, I should point out, long as in Engineered Garments long. Some EG could pass for a religious garment. But it’s certainly long enough to flay from beneath a gilet nicely. Good straight hem too.

That button business at the top catches the eye. The wide button placket, smaller buttons around the collar; I’m sure The Monkees used to wear matching shirts similar to this.

Sophnet’s contribution to proceedings appears to be relegated to some (surprise) outsize branding. But rather than the usual brazen block font approach, we’ve got a tone-on-tone, serifed script announcing the hybridisation of the brands: Sophnative, I guess it kind of works.

I don’t know how many Sophnet (or Nonnative for that matter) UK fans there are, or indeed whether their passion extends to proxying from Japan. The recently deceased Present in London went heavy on Sophnet and Uniform Experiment and it didn’t appear to do them any good. Ultimately, it’s a solid, if slightly unremarkable piece. But at least the balance is as it should be. The interesting buttoning shouting louder than the branding.

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