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Completely impractical, but 3000% debonair

Crossing the streams between 007 villain and Thai restaurant manager, we have this number from Norbit by Hiroshi Nozawa. It’s perfectly reasonable to be afeared of the short-sleeved shirt. It’s a limiting piece. You can roll long-sleeves up. You can’t roll short-sleeves down. And for many, short-sleeves are a bit exposing. Unless you’re the kind of gym-bro who chants stuff like, “sun’s out, guns out” with no comprehension of how prickish it sounds, you’re probably on the fence here. That said, the inventive clothesman can still make this shirt work.

Thing is, the fabric (embroidered polyester) is pretty spectacular. And those pocket flaps? They’re  direct from the Scaramanga playbook. It may not have sleeves, but it’s armed with amazing details.

I’d wear this one of two ways, both pretty straightforward. I’d either have it under an unstructured blazer – you know the sort of thing; Engineered Garments, Needles or Eastlogue. Or I’d wear it over a long-sleeved tee, maybe with just couple of the buttons loosely fastened, so it’s just, casually, hanging there, apparently unconsidered: even though in reality I spent 20 minutes choosing the right button combination and I’m £180 less well off.

I’ve chosen the blue colourway here, but you can also nab this in red if that gives you the feels. Either way, for me, it’s all about those little pocket flaps. They’re completely impractical, but 3000% debonair. On a sweltering summer day, they’d be just enough to draw attention away from the impractical long-sleeved tee/short-sleeved polyester shirt combo, the beetroot face and the oxbow lake steadily growing at the lower back.

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