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It’s just highly likely

Out the other day with my girl, while wearing my giant Needles H.D trousers, I experienced a spot of verbal abuse. Just as we boarded a train at Peckham Rye I heard it: “look at the size of his fucking trousers”. A group of lads (obviously) augmenting their courage with slurps of Amstel. My girl told me not to look at them. I did anyway. They turned away and continued their ‘bantz’, with a vocabulary as slender as their jeans.

You don’t encounter that kind of small-town thick-wittery too much in London; I’d put money on them not being local. The typical south east London response to vaguely outré clobber is a sideways glance, perhaps a smile, and the occasional request for a street style snap. All of which is nice and cuddly. But looking at the sheer joy exhibited in the jumbo-trousered shots above, I can’t help but think my H.Ds would be even more enthusiastically received in South Korea.

Yes, yes, I know the guys jumping around are selling stuff. I expect even in South Korea you’ve got your fair share of meat-heads. But still, it’s pleasing to see a bit of fun mixed into the presentation of ostensibly daft clothes. It’s certainly a contrast to the pursed-lipped, pomposity of many UK retailers. Anyway, these trousers are from Anglan, a South Korean brand that’s only just pinged my radar.

The volume of these trousers certainly give the Needles H.Ds a run for their money. And price-wise? I must be doing something wrong? According to currency converter XE they work out at £45. I’m assuming they’re priced in South Korean Won? Seems wrong to me; but not speaking  Korean I’m at a bit of a loss.

Certainly a job for a proxy service –  you can grab these now in tan, olive or navy, rendered in 50% cotton, 50% linen. Anglan appear to offer all manner of other over-sized madness, so they’re worth a look, even if you don’t commit to the whole proxy rigmarole.

Definitely a brand for the more enlightened man. I not saying that if you drink lager on the underground, wear calf-hugging denim, no socks and a pair of Toms you’re definitely a cunt. It’s just highly likely.

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