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“Appropriate for a wide range of lifestyles and circumstances”

Vaguely in-keeping with yesterday’s ‘wedding guest’ theme, here’s another proposal for attitudinal formality. Of course, this thing is off its tits on madras. Big as a house, bolder than a boulder; this monster will kick your eyes out from 100 yards. Perhaps then, it’s only appropriate for the ‘right kind of wedding’. You know the sort; barefoot bride, kimchi ice-cream, some hairy dude playing a lute.

I suspect you’d have to tame this thing with a simple white shirt, and no tie. It really is a Thanos of a thing; add any more detail to your look and you’re liable to annihilate half the wedding party. You can pick this up over at Coverchord, courtesy of Japanese imprint NONNATIVE.


It clearly echoes military wear. And with little tweaks like the zipped chest pocket and puffy hip pockets it’s arguably more detailed than it needs to be. That jumbo check is doing more than enough work after all. Still, it will doubtless find a home in an adventurous someone’s wardrobe.

According to Coverchord, NONNATIVE make, “everyday clothing that is appropriate for a wide range of lifestyles and circumstances.” I’m inclined to agree. But if you are thinking of heading to a wedding in this, first check the invite. If it refers to the bridesmaids as either A) a sister circle or B) goddesses, you’re probably on the right lines.

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