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Somewhere between Blue Hawaii and a brain haemorrhage

Within a few hours of these Bode shirts hitting Alpha Shadows they started selling and selling quick. I won’t go into the whole Bode thing again here – the re-purposed antique American textiles, the one-of-a-kindness, the indiscreet approach to pattern – check out the brand bio over here (also incidentally a Rampboy product) and you’ll get the picture.

The fact is, I’ve been slow to pimp these. But they literally started flying out so fast I wondered if it’d be worth it. Who knew there were so many menswearmen keen to drop the best part of £400 on a shirt? Makes you feel pretty inadequate.

There’s only one of each shirt, but there are still a few left and this one has my name all over it (in a universe where my girl wouldn’t take a bread knife to me for spending £400 on a shirt made from a vintage Pennsylvanian coverlet.)

Structurally, it’s a fairly basic Havana-style shirt: boxy, couple of patch pockets, straight hem. But, it’s lined, which makes it sit somewhere between a winter shirt and a light jacket. And, rather more obviously, it boasts a pattern somewhere between Blue Hawaii and a brain haemorrhage.

Needless to say, you wouldn’t need to much with this to pull it off – just apply loose trousers, a pair of simple kicks or shoes and you’re in the game. Then sit back and let the insanity of this shirt do its work. That simply seeing you in it might send a Spice enthusiast into a coma is a responsibility you’ll have to bear alone.

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