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Colossal, difficult pants

We looked at Prospective Flow back in May. Based in LA, but with a clear reverence for traditional Japanese clothing, the brand offers loose, boxy pieces; perfect for an aspirant karate kid.

The range is designed for layering. But beware. When you start piling on elongated collarless shirts and dropped crotch, wrap-waisted trousers it can end up looking a bit costumey. You know, a bit sacred. A bit devotional. All spiritual and that. Like the kind of bro who’s all about the human soul, not material stuff. Which would be a bit rich. These trousers cost a good $200.

I say ‘trousers’. They’re so insanely baggy that at first glance they look like a skirt. Called the Riku Field Pant, they’re apparently designed for, “ease of movement while working” – although what specific task they’re most appropriate for is unclear. The width of the hem and the crop are both so severe. I’m all for pushing the envelope in clothing. I just fear that here the envelope has ripped, the contents have fallen on the floor and there’s no return address.

There’s a visible button fly, a tie-belt at the waist and removable buttons throughout. Plus you’ve got some pockets; slanted at the side and a patch pocket with flap round the back. But such details surely remain moot. Unless you can conceive of a way to brandish these colossal, difficult pants while retaining a shred of confidence they are not for you. And if that’s the case then maybe take a look at the full Prospective Flow range over at San Francisco’s glorious Union Made. You’ll find loads of much less tricky pieces. Which rather suggests that I only spotlighted these monumental pants because I’m a dick.

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