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Visual shorthand for artisanal or counter-cultural escapades

Jackets with this kind of boho-beatnik feel rarely come in black. They’re more frequently seen in shades of olive or sand; in-keeping with the woolly lifestyle of the professionally lazy.

Now, I’m no fan of black in menswear right now. Worn too frequently as visual shorthand for artisanal or counter-cultural escapades, it has, in my view become tired. Straight cut black trousers (hemmed slightly too short) and black sweatshirts now appear mandatory in east London. While the athleisure cliche (leggings, shorts, baggy top half – often a CDG branded mac – and a pair of Kanye West’s piss-dreadful sneakers) simply suggests an individual for whom the idea of personal style is alien. All that said, this style of jacket, in black, still feels fresh.

It’s by Japan’s YSTRDY’S TMRRW and available over at Haven. Fabric-wise this is mainly simply polyester fleece, but it’s the details that elevate interest levels. It’s collarless, boasts a pair of patch pockets and features poly satin trim and piped seams. There are also splits at the side seams with drawstring cinches.

In most respects it’s a garment that should be at home in a crystal healing tent, but it’s black. Black like an architect’s shower gel. Black like the charred heart of capitalistic greed. This is not the garment of a pilgrim. This is for the keynote speaker at the holistic healing seminar. The top yogi. The one that pockets the coins of his impressionable throng.

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