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Conversations concerning, “narratives” and “ecosystems”

There’s never been a better time to buy a Martine Rose, blue and white striped, long sleeved shirt. For one, this piece is 50% off over at LN-CC. (50% being the perfect discount to get excited about. 30% feels like a drawn-out precursor to 50%. While anything discounted by 70% or more is inevitably nonsense.) For two, Martine Rose is currently enjoying a kind of insider-level cool. Far from a household name, you’ll most frequently find the brand splashed on South and East London t-shirts. T-shirts in boozers. T-shirts ordering artisanal spinach lattices. T-shirts popping up in conversations concerning, “narratives” and “incubators.”

Martine Rose takes street-culture to the runway. And then brings it back to the bars and pubs near Redchurch Street with the benefit of a keen contemporary eye, a little glamour and a robust swing ticket. And you can be part of it. For a trifling £180 you get a cotton shirt with blue stripes. There’s also an embroidered Martine Rose logo. So everyone will know it’s not just a blue and white striped shirt. It’s a Martine Rose blue and white striped shirt. For fucks sake family, what do you even want?

Being a dong about obviously ‘trendy’ brands aside, it’s a really strong shirt. We looked at another bold striped number, a period of time ago that escapes me, and well… this is a different one. I’m running out of stuff to say. It’s too hot for typing and that. Anyway, stripes are a thing. Especially when they’re 50% off. Have the fuck at it.


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