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Blue-handed laundering credentials

How much writing should you have on a hat? Typically, I’d go with none, although it seems Japanese brand Kapital have an alternative view. Rather than no writing, they’ve gone with all of the writing. A subtle difference of perspectives, but one, I’d venture, that’s perceptible to most of you.

As you’d expect from a brand of obsessive authenticity, Kaptial have used an old timey, tall serifed font to hammer home their blue-handed laundering credentials. You’ll also spot some crude ‘wisdom’ on the rim about how the past is good and how it should inform the new. It might seem amusingly earnest to some, but there’s no doubting the heart behind the words.

A buffoon might think this screen printed denim bucket looks a bit like something you’d pick up on Brighton pier. The denim connoisseur will understand this is £156 of premium Japanese 11.50z denim, shaped into a hat. A hat with all of the writing and none of the ordinary.

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