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Practical, useful fact

If this shirt seems familiar, it’s because it is. Japanese brand Itten puts this piece out seasonally, in a variety of colours, all featuring a vaguely glossy nylon material. This makes them water repellent, which is good. But it also makes them a bit shiny, which, depending on your taste, is either perfectly reasonable, or scarily Eurovision.

When I first saw these a few seasons back, I did think they were a bit Bucks Fizz. The kind of gleaming get up that seduces youthful eyeballs; ideal for dodgy 80s pop performers and sexually ambitious seniors. But having seen the recent selection of shiny black nylon from Nepenthes sub-brand RANDT, I’m starting to embrace the idea of a little sheen.

This relaxed shirt also boasts enough tricksy detail to make it interesting. There are two types of walnut buttons and snap buttons onboard, as well as variation in breast pocket design, a drawcord hem and a pair of hidden waist pockets. I suspect it’s trying to be a jacket, but the elementary laws of physics insist it’s a shirt.

You can grab this in a variety of shades from Digital Mountain for around £180. Alternatively, if the olive green ticks your boxes, head to Alpha Shadows, they’ve got a size small (2) and a medium/large (4) from last season in stock for a £79.50 steal. See, this site isn’t just introspective waffle, it also offers practical, useful fact. Now and again.

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