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Only you can say

The pursuit of difference can lead the sartorial traveller through rough terrain, missteps and frequently to cul-de-sacs. Made of shirts. With kilts on them. On such occasions, is it down to the individual explorer as to whether they can condone such a skirt-shirt. They must either about-face and head towards more conservative pastures, or embrace the challenge and potentially look like a dick.

Hailing from the none-more-obscure Japanese imprint Elephant TRIBAL Fabrics, this short-sleeved number represents a challenging wear. That it carries a plaid, pleated section on the front is significant. That said section is cut shorter than the rest of the body (leaving either your under-tee, or half your belly exposed) is approaching lunacy. But lunacy in a good way? The kind of skewed thinking that leads to enlightenment or folly? Don’t look at me. I’m still thinking about the recklessness of showing half a belly.

If anything, the fabrics don’t quite look up to par to me. The piece looks a bit rough, dare I suggest, a bit cheap? Although at around £165 it’s not. I might be wrong, but Elephant TRIBAL Fabrics appears to be a brand that’s primarily selling you its out-there vision, rather than say, the exquisite construction and fabrication you see from brands like Engineered Garments, orSlow and the like. And of course there’s a place for that. There’s a place for hyper-obscure, super-freaky, asymmetrical Japanese dandyness. But only you can say if that place is your wardrobe.


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