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A tip of the cap to classic Alcatraz leisure wear

Leaning on the prowess of Google Translate we can learn that Japanese brand Unfil‘s clothing is, “carefully made from the fabric of insistence is a reputation for simple and comfortable goodness.” Which, to be fair, is exactly what first came to mind when I saw this striped jacket and trouser combo. ‘Insistence‘ is the key word here. In that I can imagine my girl’s insistence that I never leave the house in this get up. It is, I grant you, a bold look. But one, I think, which recalls the intoxicating glamorama of the New Romantic movement. With perhaps a tip of the cap to classic Alcatraz leisure wear. Surely there isn’t a lady who wouldn’t find herself thoroughly enchanted by a chap in this?

I do particularly like the ‘Training Pants’. The knee sections, all askew, disrupting the flow of the stripes; well, I just like that kind of thing. There are zips at the hems too. If you’re still looking for a little-known alternative to the ubiquitous Needles track pant they don’t come much more little-known than these.

Team the pants with the jacket (half-lined, popper fastenings, ring-pull style gold zip) and you’ll look like you’ve tried. I mean, no one accidentally dresses like that – all striped up and uniform, like a businessman’s pyjamas in a prudish 70s sitcom. But on the other hand, you will be noticed. Try keeping the top unzipped, worn over a tee, and toss on some sneakers. You’ll look like an off-duty Goodfella who’s casual-wear is foreshadowing his fate. Or zip the lot up. Wear with a pair of heavy brogues and a bucket hat. This won’t make you look like anything in particular. Just an interesting dude, exploring the joys of the cloth, down a path most fear to tread.

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