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The life of the recherché lunatic

This is the jacket for SS18. Yes, it’s a blazer, and if you don’t roll with such things, there’s little for you here. Similarly, if you’re not drawn to the stylings of 1970s kitchenware, you might want to bow out at this point. Still here? Then I assume you’re the kind of recherché lunatic, who, like myself, can sometimes feel a little underdressed without a lapelled coat, and who digs the idea of looking like car-boot pottery.


Coming from East Harbour Surplus a brand founded in 2008, designed in Korea and made in Italy, this is nuclear-dandy gear. Although I’m not suggesting you have to go all Pitti Peacock with it – indeed I’d keep the cravats, leopard print belts and pocket squares locked away for fear of combustion. There’s enough delirium in this print to instantly transport any dude from inconspicuous to ‘who the fuck is that?’ Wear with caution, and keep away from naked flames.

One problem: it’s a bit 360 quid. Which is a sizeable wedge to drop on an unlined cotton jacket. Something of a risk too – in that you’d be dropping money sight unseen to a proxy service, and then what if the sizing’s not right, and then how does the returns policy work, and then… well, there’s potential for a headache you may rather not experience. Still, such is the life of the recherché lunatic. If it was easy to get, you wouldn’t want it. If it’s too expensive and only available in Korea, you do. I’m not sure I’d want it any other way.

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