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A reasonably mundane meteorological phenomenon

Contrary to the elemental inclemency, today we’re in Miami Vice territory. Discerning retailers of international mens apparel are getting summer’s linens and cottons in – irrespective of the fact that, in the UK at least, the streets are shat heavy with blizzard. So let’s follow suit. Let’s ignore the social feeds seemingly astonished by a reasonably mundane meteorological phenomenon. Let’s forget that treading in salty slush will rot your leather. Instead, let’s look at some shirting that will make you look like a Floridaian ne’er-do-well arguing over 13.5 a ki.

This piece from YSTRDY’S TMRRW is one of those ‘open’ shirts, meant to be worn a gape at the top. Not something the more traditional British gent will be comfortable with – note that a modesty t-shirt is not included.  Anyway, no one is going to be looking at your pale triangle of sunless chest, the pattern will physically assault any viewer at 50 paces. Leopard print, with some geometric shapes in the mix is a hearty combination, just about manageable in the (comparably) more conservative blue, dangerous in tan and full on yayo dealer in pink.

You can grab one of these over at Coverchord should you wish. If you’re currently in London, I’d accessorise with Sonny Crocket style cream linen slacks, some sunnies and perhaps a pair of Moonboots just to be safe.

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