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Closer to a religious denomination

How I managed to dodge this astonishing coat throughout the entire AW17 season is a matter deserving both shame and self-flagellation. Water repellent, padded with poly/cotton, cut like a robe, with an oversized hood and featuring both snap button closure and a thick, built-in, tie-belt… this is what the person who invented the word ‘coat’ originally had in mind. We’re not looking at a garment here, this is closer to a religious denomination. People have self-immolated for less.

It’s from the Korean brand Document, a Seoul-based indie started in 2014 by Jongsoo Lee. Head over to their site and you’ll find a bunch of philosophical infrastructure suggesting that the wearer, “becomes their own document” – it’s to do with “memories“, apparently, and “repetition” and “difference“. Fortunately, the metaphysical aside, the clothing is superb.

There is currently one of these coats, in size large, in the sale, over at Namu Shop in Texas. It’s on for £330. Alternatively, buying direct and at full price from Document (they do at least appear to have a full size range) will inflict £457 worth of damage. A non-trivial amount of sterling I grant you. But seriously, when did you last see a coat so worthy of your reverence?

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