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Why you bother with this site in the first place

Forget this. Whether you hate it or like it is of no relevance. “Currently this item is not available in your country.” So says retailer Zozotown. So. That’s. It. Nothing to see here. Off you bloody well pop.

You’ve clicked through? You’re either a masochist, or the kind of pertinacious clothsman who when presented with a ‘no’, wants to dig into what ‘no’ actually means? A less desirable trait in the world of romantic seduction, but when we’re talking about something made of cotton and buttons it’s probably fair game. ‘No’ in this context means Zozotown won’t ship it to you in the UK, but, I dare say, a little proxy service necromancy could usher this piece to your doorstep. But I forgot to ask, do you even like it?

It’s by the brand Natal Design. No, me neither. But a poke around their e-store reveals collaborations with The Superior Labor, as well as the brand Burlap Outfitter, so I suspect we’re in good company. Anyway, it’s a giant shirt/jacket, a shopcoat if you will. I’m guessing it’s thick cotton; no amount of Google Translating could reveal its precise make-up. It does have custom engraved buttons though. And of course, it’s oversized, has pockets big enough to carry a spade and features a colossal royal blue and white check loud enough to have your eyes out.

Difficult to buy. Made by people you’ve never heard of. And bold enough to invite questions about your sanity. Come on, isn’t that why you bother with this site in the first place?

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