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Something of a political novice

A regular font of street-wisdom, LA’s Union store is fully onside with label Bianca Chandon. “…Great fits and top quality”, they say. “With a perfect, subtle involvement in the political world.” Interesting stuff. And certainly, a quick look at the Bianca Chandon website, does suggest that the brand’s involvement in the political world is fairly subtle. Their policies appear to be represented by t-shirts with Bianca Chandon on them. While their constitutional views appear to involve a picture of an elephant on a tee and some Arabic writing, again on a tee. Still, I am something of a political novice.

This sweater is presumably a comment on the plight of the homeless, looking as it does, like something that was worn to sleep under a barbed wire duvet. The $535 price tag is presumably satirical.

It’s an easy target on the piss-taking front. But actually, if you really entertain the idea of wearing this, you’ll realise it’s a solid heater. Beneath a jacket, with all those tufts of savaged knit just fluffing the fuck out, it’d deliver. Intriguing enough to draw glances, while wearable enough to avoid mockery. Just don’t tell anyone how much you paid, they’ll assume you’re having a laugh.


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