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The trees remain ambivalent

The financial advisor said he’d call back about the problem with the mortgage. Damp, he’d said. The bank’s survey didn’t check out, he’d said. Don’t worry, I’ll sort it, he’d said. So where was the call? What’s the solution? The wife’s job is causing problems. They don’t take me seriously, she said, they keep canceling meetings on me. The electricity bill is due. There’s nothing in for dinner tonight. What show do you watch after Godless? iPhone is dying, running so slowly, even leaving it switched off over night doesn’t do any good. And it’s raining. It’s so cold.


Coat: Nicholas Daley
Trousers: Bespoke
Top: Engineered Garments
Scarf: Bespoke
Shoes: Yuketen
Hat: Kaptain Sunshine

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