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Come on, you’ve read this site before

High-end that looks like high-street? It’s a tricky genre to negotiate. The piece might originate from some obscure maker, but if it looks a bit too much like low-hanging chainstore gear, what then? It’s when those rare Korean sneakers look just a little too much like regular Converse. Or when, on the surface of it, there’s not much to distinguish your indie-loomed salvage jeans from the Uniqlo ‘made in Japan’ range. Wankers dilemmas no doubt, but come on, you’ve read this site before.

This quandary is brought into sharp relief when looking at these boots, a collaboration between Nepenthes in-house brand South2 West8 and comfy footwear specialists Suicoke. The question is, do they look too much like UGGS?

Now… I’ve seen numerous streetstyle shots (including one of Engineered Garments god Daiki Suzuki) wearing UGGS. But for all the occasional sightings of hipsters valiently attempting to reclaim the brand, I’m not convinced. Thing is, the style shots I’ve seen usually originate in Tokyo or NYC. Locations that to my understanding have historically remained untarnished by Katie Price and Danniella Westbrook. Sadly, as a UK-ist I find it difficult to look past the hellish cultural baggage. 

Still, these are not UGGS. And from an entirely practical lookout, I’m sure they’d be plenty comfortable, hardwearing and (I think) tucked under your trousers pretty strong looking. Of course, start tucking skinny jeans into them and you’re on your own solider – you might as well go the whole hog and get a lower back butterfly tat and a collapsed septum. 

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