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The Man Who Fell To Earth played by Howard Keel

This is some fabricated voodoo right here. A jacket that can be worn four ways. And by that I don’t mean a removable pocket here or there, this piece works regular inside out and then turns it’s entire body inside out to offer up another two variations. Extremely difficult to explain in words, remarkably easy to negotiate when you’ve got the garment to hand.

It’s from Meanswhile and it’s one for the heads. Proper outerwear origami, exquisitely made, Cordura ripstop nylon, webbed tape detail, snap buttons in a beautiful matt finish… If you don’t want a slice of this we can never be friends.

Particularly smart is how the garment affords two round neck, and two v-neck options. I’m sure if you had all the pieces spread out on a table you could make sense of it, but just thinking about how it actually works makes my head throb. Best not to consider it. Someone else has done the hard work so you don’t have to. You just have to earn the necessary 515 coins.

Out of all the options offered, I think this one (above) is my favourite. The lighter shade on the outer bangs, while those snap buttons provide some futuristic flare. It’s The Man Who Fell To Earth played by Howard Keel – you can chop logs in it, just don’t chip your nail varnish.

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