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Exactingly scientific conclusions

It’s cold. A trip from under my quilt to make a cup of tea demands the constitution of a lifer in a Siberian gulag. Outside it’s white. Stinging flakes of chill. Blizzards, blankets, sleet; it’s proper shit is what it is. The whole of London is suddenly a icebox. It’s inconvenient and tiresome. It certainly puts the bore in boreal.

I know what you’re thinking? Some kind of obscurely branded, overly ornate, Korean body-warmer is what’s called for. And as always reader, it’s as though you read my mind.

A green jacket variant of this Eastlogue style is available at Alpha Shadows, but for this navy gilet, you’ll have to reach out to Sculpstore. I think it goes without saying that it’s a total heater. Both in a practical sense, in that it’ll provide physical insulation, and also in the sense that I’ve reappropriated a slang term for a high quality club track and randomly applied it to a nylon and polyester garment.

Onboard there are a ridiculous amount of pockets including a neat diagonal with snap button, I won’t list the rest, you can make them out in the shots. Needless to say, you won’t have trouble finding somewhere to secrete your phone, lighter, tabs, wallet and outsized vanity keychain. Perhaps most importantly, it’ll keep you warm during this clownish weather. At least I assume it will, based on my exactingly scientific conclusion that it looks a bit furry.

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