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Jorah Mormont on a bad day

At this point in the (discerning) menswear season, it can seem like an eternity before the pieces you glimpse (via curiously small images) on Japanese retail sites, turn up in UK stores. Engineered Garments, indeed all Nepenthes brands, seem to take a malicious pleasure in taunting their fanbase with images, but no easy option to buy. This is such a piece.

Like a wooly nebula, this blazer is galactically desirable, yet it currently exists only in Japan, which for most might as well be another planet. Marvel at its freaky ridges, its zig-zagging enclaves – I can’t figure out if it’s horrible or beautiful? In such instances I tend to assume beautiful, presuming in myself a shortfall in taste.

Charcoal shades like this aren’t my usual go-to, I prefer navy. But this has serious stand-out potential. It’s all cracks and splinters. It’s Jorah Mormont on a bad day – but softer and not so scabby. The tough tones of granite grey belie its cushiony wearability, as though it’s hewn from some fleesy quarry. This is a big piece.

And of course any day now, it’ll finally drop over at The Bureau or Kafka or Norse Store. And, almost psychically, EG will choose to release it in the UK at exactly the point I haven’t got any money left. I’d have to be insane to seriously suggest Nepenthes specifically time their drops based on the inadequacy of my personal current account. And yet, I find myself suggesting exactly that.

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