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Really elevating the form

A bit spacey for Engineered Garments this. It’s got a bit of a Nostromo leisurewear feel. It’s those curvy tonal panels. Looks cosy though. Ideal if you happen to be prepping for a 50 year cryo-snooze.

Even those not currently inhabiting a fictional space-horror universe will benefit from this. Grey sweats are a great basic, but this is really elevating the form. Last season’s EG sweats were all about striped sleeves, now we’ve got fleece on the arms and what appears to be tonal variation on the front panels.

Of course the traditional EG wrap-over collar is still onboard, so, irrespective of this cyber/athleisure direction, eagle-eyed fanboys will still be able to decode your brand affiliation.

These have yet to turn up at The Bureau, the UK’s premier supplier of all thing EG. Currently they’re just sitting on Japan’s Digital Mountain, a proxy service, import duty and long wait for delivery out of reach. I expect they’ll land at The Bureau soon and I’m gonna be first in line. I don’t do sweatshirts often, but this futuristic take has my enthusiasm. I’ll wear it as I sprint away from killer robots, which I’m constantly informed by my social media feed, are going to take over the world any day now.

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