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Design whimsy. Arguably overwrought. Genius

I find it remarkable that some people seemingly don’t believe that ‘having a look’ is the most important reason to be alive. Children, family, work, health, holidays, peace in the world – there’s no question these things have some relevance. I’m not saying they’re trivial.  But getting a look. And having a look. Really having a look… I mean, if you haven’t got a look, who are you really? What are you? Why are you? What is the point of you?

I know I’m preaching to the converted here. I know you’re picking up what I’m throwing down. I know you’d choose a slamming bomber jacket over an urgent surgical procedure. That’s why I know you’ll understand this jacket.

This Eastlogue Traveler Jacket is a game changer. Simple as. It costs £360, which is basically an irrelevance. It goes without saying you need to own this.

It’s a liner style piece. It’s a mix of synthetic berber fabric and nylon. The hood comes off. There are flaps, and cords and snap buttons and utility pockets and zips and pull tabs. It’s design whimsy. It’s arguably overwrought. It’s genius.

I don’t need to say anything else about this. The pictures tell the story. You’re either in this game or you’re not. You know what to do.

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  1. James

    “I know you’d choose a slamming bomber jacket over an urgent surgical procedure.” 😆

    I’ve got a tooth that’s gone bad because every month, for two years, there was always something more exciting to be dropping £500 on that a crown. I’m 36, that’s just not acceptable behaviour for a man my age. Will my clobber matter when I don’t have a tooth in my head? I’d say even more so.

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