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If anyone tells you otherwise they are, by any reasonable scientific measure, an idiot

Patterned suits are a thing and I’m extremely happy patterned suits are a thing. If you are on the verge of  attending a summer wedding, you should be planning to wear one. If anyone tells you otherwise they are, by any reasonable scientific measure, an idiot. You should cast them from your life with the kind of indifferent farewell usually reserved for a flushed plop. Then buy a patterned suit. Then, if necessary, attend the wedding alone.

Just to be clear, when I say ‘patterned suit’, I’m not talking about some tat that’ll make you look like The Joker. We’re not in Timmy Mallet territory, and I’m certainly not advocating the kind of Opposuits, ‘comedy’ two-piece office-bros find so pint-snortingly hilarious. I refer you instead to the Riding High suit pictured. Yes, it’s pattered. Yes, it’ll get you noticed. No, it doesn’t feature an all-over print of foaming pints, Pac Men or cannabis leaves.

At the start of the season I bagged an Engineered Garments patterned two-piece. I wore it to a wedding just a few weeks ago. And aside from confusing a pair of ‘dinner jackets’ in financial services, I considered it a success. My EG suit is in the sale at The Bureau now, while this weave effect number is a little further afield at Blues Man in South Korea.

Couple of points: keep in mind a suit like this also totally wins when worn as separates and, if you can, get one with a drawstring waist. It’s just another one in the eye for the traditionalists.

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  1. Mr Brown

    Not the drawstring.
    I’m approaching an age where that sort of shit could be peer relevant.

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