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From blazing sun to torrential rain within an hour

More meditation in origami than garment, there are, believe it or not, four different ways to wear this reversible banger from Meanswhile. I will leave the exhaustive explanations around inside-out-ness, what buttons go where and when to deploy the two-way zip front closure to retailer Alpha Shadows. What I can confidently state is that pieces as confident, crisp and downright fascinating as this don’t come along that often. I’d commit a minor felony to own it.

Debates around whether something is a shirt or a jacket are becoming increasingly moribund. Resisting clean clarification is not only more interesting, but compliments our withering atmosphere and the resulting erraticism of our weather systems. Does it really matter what you’re wearing when we can go from blazing sun to torrential rain within an hour?

Navy Cordura waffle knit wool on the outside, brilliant white 100% cotton typewriter cloth on the inside – there’s an almost preppy classism to this piece, one that’s swiftly upended by the rounded collar, dangling drawcords and profusion of snap buttons.  I find it difficult to visualise anyone looking less than all sorts of fire in this.

Numerically, here’s how it stacks up. You’ve got your 100% cotton inner as discussed. While the outer is 53% wool 53%, 27% nylon, 17% polyester and 3% polyurethane. A less appealing collection of numerals are the 365 gold coins you’ll need to cop. It’s a lot for a shirt. Quite a lot for a jacket. But for a weird hybrid that’ll keep you looking on point as sunshine twists into sleet, quite reasonable I’d say.

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