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Making an absurdity of us all

This is one for the power players. This is the Visvim Ruunpe Coat in pinstripe. You’ll need £1470 to join this party. It’s probably not for you little man. Move along, move along…

Anyone familiar with Visvim will know they produce hand woven, hand made, hand dyed, hand everythinged ultra-premium casual wear. And while, if I’m honest, their goods can can frequently look a bit too hempy, a bit too Marlboro Man dragged through a cactus field by a cattle truck, this Kimono style overcoat is off the charts banging.

There’s little point blahing on about the juxtaposition of mohair and linen, the fabulous hand stitched panels, the louche waist tie and the voluminous but just so shape. This is the Ferrari to the Nissan Micra owner. This is the Yamazaki Malt to the guy on a bottle of Bells a day. This beauty makes a nonsense of our wardrobes and the price point makes an absurdity of us all.

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  1. Mr Brown

    Taken his strides up a notch more too.
    Just to underline his control on the whole situation.

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