Eastlogue blue blazer
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They don’t have Wetherspoons in Korea

What’s the difference between a dot and a spot? Never considered it myself until now. Apparently a dot is, you know, like a full stop, small and circular, the unit within a dotted line. Crucially a spot is irregular, and can be larger than a dot. So it is with great pleasure that I can point out that this ‘Mixed Dot Jacket’ from Eastlogue is accurately named. Always happy to clear up a non-existent issue.


I can’t make up my mind about this piece. On the one hand, it’s laser-focused on my personal brand eye. On the other, I wonder if it’s a bit too jazzy. All those competing dots, the fact that the right front panel and left sleeve are left plain, is this something wacky Dave from accounts might rock to the office xmas bash? I like my clothes serious see. Detailed, interesting, but fundamentally po-faced. I’m not sure if this has got a bit too much night out in Hanley town centre about it.

east_dotb03  east_dotb02

On the flip, I’m almost certainly going to buy it. Fuck wacky Dave. This is from Korea, they don’t have Wetherspoons in Korea. This tanglement of multiple dots is about difference, it’s about boldness, I mean, take a look at this shot from the Eastlogue lookbook…


That guy’s never ordered a Beef & Doom Bar® pie with mash, gravy and mushy peas in his life. He’s got his neck game on fire, massive cargos and he’s just looking at leaves and twigs yeah. There’s no shaven headed fat bloke in a footy shirt giving him the evils. That’s what I’m talking about. Minus the pony tail, and the neckerchief and the whole woods thing, that’s basically my life right there.

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