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Just another drone

Interesting to see eastern influences permeating the robustly London centric brand YMC. Looking like something you’d expect from Blue Blue Japan, Tigre Brocante or orSlow, these ‘Hand Me down’ trousers have got the Boro influence, if not stitched, then certainly printed, all over them. I say ‘printed’, that’s how retailer Goodhood describes them. While YMC themselves say, “Japanese patchwork weave cotton“. Make of this what you will…

you_must_create_goodhood_aw16_84_v2-2 you_must_create_goodhood_aw16_85_v2

There’s quite a number of patterned trousers being offered across the indie menswear scene this season. And crucially, many of them are actually wearable. Adopting softer, self patterns and tonal interest, rather than all-out maddery, the patterned trouser is seemingly enjoying a moment. That said, obviously no one wants to look like a ringmaster. So keep it subtle. These numbers from Engineered Garments bang hard. Or indeed, consider the YMC pair we’re focused on here.

modelset_felix_goodhood_ss17_1135 modelset_felix_goodhood_ss17_1138 you_must_create_goodhood_aw16_86_v2

Keep your top half simple (layered navy) and your shoes plain (white kicks from Pras, Needles or Novesta) and you’ve got some hardcore earth-man vibing going on. You’ll look like the kind of dude who whittles bee hotels out of reclaimed bamboo and sells them on Etsy. Rather than the disillusioned office drone you almost certainly are.

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