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Pretty infantile stuff

There’s something of a snake belt vibe going on here. Predominately the use of striped elastic. Not sure belts get much more casual than these. You see toddlers wearing gear like this when they’re forced to dress up for a wedding. Pretty infantile stuff. Probably why I like them so much.


Course, it doesn’t hurt that they’ve got that bit of natural leather stamped Ganru. You know Ganru, the Comme des Garcons sub-brand – it’s finally just cropped up over at retail men-atropolis End. Actually, come to think of it, I don’t like obvious branding. What am I on about? I mean, how far is this away from a none-more-wack Gucci G buckle? Or an even noner-morer-wacker Hermès H?

21-07-2016_ganryu_elasticbelt_navy_brown_tc_3 21-07-2016_ganryu_elasticbelt_blue_tc_4

Sure, Ganru is for the pretentious fashion elite, while Gucci and Hermès are for porky, tanned business men with make-up caked wives – faces powdery, like the inside of a custard cream. But it’s still soulless label bragging. Fuck it, I’ve shamed myself. I hate these now.

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  1. Mr Brown

    Silas used to do those very belts.
    On Ganyru, those varsity gloves are full tilt barmy, with added reflective inner fingers.

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