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The High Sparrow designed by Apple

Suicoke sandals are everywhere. They’ve been everywhere for a few months now. Alongside the cheaper sandal brand Teva, they’ve swarmed into the edits of many key menswear e-tailers, provoking unsettling thoughts of a summer dominated by the sight of repugnant man feet. I’ve avoided them until now. I buy into the concept of comfort of course, and I can see them working well over socks, teamed with scrunched-up, loose cotton trousers. I just think I’d feel too ‘try hard’ in them. That said, this pair, a collaboration with Norse Store, are among the best I’ve seen.


I guess it’s just the tan colourway, and the simple double strap design that works for me. Specswise, there’s a Vibram footbed and outsole, a hardwearing Cordura upper, and, as is blatantly clear, chunky adjustable Velcro straps. A weird but strangely appealing mix of next generation futurism and arcane religious homogeneity; like the High Sparrow designed by Apple.


In fact, the more I look at them, the more I think maybe… Maybe I wouldn’t look entirely like an absurd wannabe? Perhaps, with chunky socks and a paired down, navy and tan fit, they’d look pretty strong. You know, just giving the impression of a guy who’d casually thrown on the nearest thing to him, before heading down the pub. And less like a guy who’d ummed and arred about the purchase for months, before writing a post about still being on the fence about them.

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