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Arranged into sentences to provide more context

I would assume these are the most trousery trousers you’ll see today. What I mean is, if you’ll pardon the absence of a pun, pretty much nothing whatsoever.

Perhaps its simply enough that we all recognise these are a pair trousers. I do. I hope you do too. Perhaps we can just agree that by adding a ‘y’ to a noun it sort of makes it an adjective. At the very least, let’s acknowledge that this is the only place you’ve read the term trousery trousers today and just agree this has been a diabolical waste of time for us both.


If you wish to investigate these trousers further, you can find them over at Mohawk General Store. They’re by Frenchman and designer Christophe Lemaire. And if you read the e-store-blab, you’ll encounter such words as clean, contemporary, luxe, tailored, elasticated, poplin, and lightweight – only over there they’ve arranged them into sentences to provide more context.

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For me, it’s all about those long front pleats. Kind of 80s, but also completely not. They’re actually totally contemporary. I wish I hadn’t said 80s now. If I had a spare $535.00 (plus postage, packing and import duty) I still wouldn’t buy these – I mean, logically, I could probably put that much money to better use than buying a pair of green, pleated trousers. But, if money wasn’t an issue at all, then I would buy them. But then, to be fair, I’d buy an absurd amount of other stuff too. I do hope this has been helpful.


  1. Mr Brown

    I think they’ve perhaps looked at every pair of trousers you could possibly own.
    And made them into one.
    Combining the constituent trouser prices.
    I know you don’t want to discuss the 80’s, but it’s worth noting mega-mixes were big then.

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