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An irrefutable statement of individuality

There’s a lot of pink hair about. It’s like a candy-floss Zeppelin has haemorrhaged over east London. We’re talking about a wasted, lethargic pink. One that appears to have seen too many hot washes. But pink nonetheless. I enjoy watching the tribal grip of fashion take hold –  in this instance bedraggled, pink hair becoming shorthand for clued-up, insider, indie-kid. This doesn’t leave much room for individuality. But then I guess the amount of people with pink hair is less than those without, so maybe that’s individual enough?

None of this has anything to do with this Chinese style shirt-jacket. Although, if you bought it, you would at least own an irrefutable statement of individuality. Certainly no one in London will have this.

blue shirt.002

Whether or not that’s a good thing is entirely down to your own questionable taste. We’ve seen Mandarin collared versions of this kind of thing before, but this piece from The Dawn B, splices bold-as-you-like frog-fastenings with a more typical collar arrangement. And then when you look at the cuffs, they’re strictly business too – nothing atypical there. It’s a peculiar mix, but not, I think, without a certain balance.

blue shirt.003

I can see this worn effectively, open, over a T-shirt, just casual like, dressing it down a bit, not playing up the whole Mandarin vibe. I mean, you wouldn’t want to look too weird, too stand out, too different. Perhaps the pink-hairs have the right idea.

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