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Perfect sexual geometry

I’m an astonishingly attractive man, trapped in the body of a much less attractive man. Thing is, absurdly good looking people always look absurdly good looking even in just the simplest T-shirt and jeans. So, in my head a least, I have the perfect sexual geometry to carry off this very simple top. I’ll just let this unadorned smock take a backseat, and use it as a frame for my breathtaking physicality. Fortunately, while being fully aware this isn’t the case, I also profoundly believe the opposite.


Those of a similar mindset will be interested to note that this is by Japanese brand Meanswhile, comes in navy or beige and can be swagged over at Alpha Shadows. And if you take a closer look, you’ll see this deceptively simple piece has some enviable details indeed.

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It’s crafted from a beautiful, textured, heavyweight cotton, there are side zips going on to loosen things up and check that a sporty buckle closure at the neck. The two front pouch pockets add the kind of practicality an absurdly handsome bro needs to carry around his concealer and eyebrow pencils.


Personally, I think this is all manner of fire. A louche, relaxed, artisan piece. Something to wear when off duty. It’s a piece that outwardly says you want to be left alone, while your ego thirsts for an accidental glance in your direction.

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