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Bow my head and sheepishly exit stage left

I’m more than aware that frequently this blog is full of pretty expensive garms. I’ll also aware that, sadly, not every bro has the kind of disposable stacks needed to get their spend on. I’m more than aware of all of this. I just choose to ignore it. Boo-bloody-hoo, you can’t afford a 200 quid sweater? Well stop buying season tickets to infantile ball games and tastefucked chromes for your Nissan Sunny and you might find you can. Unless of course you are genuinely quite poorly off, in which case… I awkwardly bow my head and sheepishly exit stage left.

Anyway, this top is cheap, it’s got strong styling to keep you ahead of the herd through winter and um… probably some other stuff, I just need to read up on it, I’m not that bothered if I’m honest. I said it’s cheap right?

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It’s a navy crew neck with pockets and drawcord detail and it’s only 75 coins. Just the cost of a couple of Knightsbridge fish suppers. I mean for fucks sake, if you dropped a ton on the floor these days, most people I know wouldn’t show their arse to pick it up.

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Just buy the fucker. Buy the fucker here now. Keep the good people of I Love Ugly in leccy and fags. It doesn’t really matter. With the recently announced Tory budget, we’re all going to be rolling in it soon.

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