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Unfortunately your shopping bag is empty…

…and it’s gonna stay empty. Come on Mr Porter, what kind of bro do you think I am that can drop 240 quid on an OAMC white shirt? Not your target customer? Fine suit yourself. Let’s see who’s laughing when I don’t buy this. It’s me. I’m laughing. I’m laughing a lot. It only looks like I’m crying.

OAMC is designed in France and manufactured in France, Portugal, Italy and Japan. According to their site, OAMC is a resolutely modern splicing of ‘technical innovation’ and ‘rational design.’ ‘Rational design’ as apposed to that ‘irrational design’, that’s held in such high regard nowhere. They’re also influenced by ‘nature’ – which enters them at number 645,765,972 in my ongoing Excel doc of artisan brands claiming to be influenced by nature.


Looking at the above pic you can see this garm is a simple white shirt with a sort of blue square peeking through at the bottom. If you look at the following pics…

591507_mrp_bk_xl 591507_mrp_e3_xl

You’ve see it’s the lining of an almost certainly useless rear pocket. As a detail, I love it. As a place to store your packed lunch and your biro, it probably needs more thought.

See, when you look at a dude wearing it…


… you can’t see any blue. Unless you’re standing behind him. Then you could. In fact I probably would. If he was daft enough to keep his wallet in that pocket, I could thieve it and use the loot to buy this shirt. Who’s laughing now Mr Porter?

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