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Pastel sculptures made of cones and rhomboids

When Sonny and Rico went to shakedown a Miami Vice ganglord, you could be sure of a few things. King-baddie would have a weasily face, bad skin and a ponytail. He’d make extremely weak jokes and laugh very loudly, but unconvincingly at them.

In his office there’d be pastel sculptures made of cones and rhomboids, a sneering girl in a pleather skirt and a steroided model wearing a lime coloured string vest. Sneering girl would laugh at weasel man’s jokes. The dude in the vest wouldn’t, he’d stand motionless. He didn’t have any lines.

Oh yeah, and in the corner there’d be a corrupt attorney. He’d be wearing this.


Crockett wouldn’t wear this. Not in season one anyway. He was all about the plain pink and white simplicity. As a general rule in Miami Vice, you could tell a dude’s badness by the level of pattern on his clothing. The more pattern, the more bad. This doesn’t apply to Rico. He was a maverick.

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Basically, what we have here is a corrupt attorney jacket from Miami Vice, circa 1987. But without the shoulder pads. And the billowing sleeves. And with three buttons rather than the 80s style two. Other than that, identical.


So, grab it here. It’s only £140. Ideal if you spend your working week trying to convince a thin-faced boss that the profit from selling 50 kilos of heroin might be a bit noticeable in the Santander account.

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