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Farcical gaffs in Rene’s cafe

This guy. This fucking guy. I love him. He’s one of the go-to models over at Our Legacy. When I look at him, all I can imagine is him saying, “good moaning.” Allo Allo style. I guess for no other reason than my brain’s an idiot. You know what though, I can imagine meeting him for a pint, detailing the ceaseless instances of mistaken identity and farcical gaffs in Rene’s cafe and I bet we’d have a right old laugh together. I bet he’d laugh so much, he’d get all hot and he’d have to take this jacket off. Then when he went for a wee, I’d nick it and run off. I would have given him a false name and everything.


Assuming all went well with my theft I’d be the proud owner of an Our Legacy zip front shirt/jacket. It’s made of 100% Chinese cotton fabric, with pearl buttons and a single chest pocket. I’m liking the short straight cut on this, it’d look the strongness with a longer shirt layered beneath.


It’s on at 160 euros, which for belligerent UKists is 119 British quids. I’d quite like a slice of this. But as I’m on an economy drive right now, I’m gonna have to keep my eyes open for a funny accented model man to rob it off.

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