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Depends on your mum

This is a nice sweatshirt. It’s just a very nice sweatshirt. It’s so nice, so painfully, unapologetically nice, your mum will probably like it. “That’s a nice top“, she’ll say. Or – if she’s so overwhelmed by the sheer tedious niceness of it – perhaps she’ll inject some excitement into proceedings and say, “shit me, that’s a fucking nice top.” Depends on your mum.

I mean, this thing’s no game-changer. It’s just trying to be a nice sweatshirt. And if you haven’t got one, you might want to buy it.


Velva Sheen is a label that’s been whispering its presence UK side for a couple of seasons. They originally date back to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1932 and manufactured simple T-shirts and sweats for sports teams, colleges and the U.S. Army.

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More recently the brand has been revived, hence the menswear-eyed will have spotted their wares cropping up in stores like Garbstore and The Bureau. This season sees larger drops, including this very, very nice Raglan Pocket Sweat.


It’s rocking ribbed cuffs, collar and hem a single chest pocket and stitched V inserts on the front and back of the collar. And it’s 135 beans. Which is quite a lot for nice. But then again, can you put a price on keeping a toilet-mouthed mother happy?

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