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Painful human issues won’t be solved by pretending they don’t exist

You know when you’re standing in a bar wearing baggy ecru cords? And no one else is wearing baggy ecru cords? Do you feel like a lord or a lord of cocks?


It’s a question that troubles us all from time to time. Apologies for so abruptly raising this sensitive subject. I just think it’s been long enough. Uncomfortable it may be, but painful human issues won’t be solved by pretending they don’t exist.


I bought these baggy ecru cords from Toast in the sale. I was motivated by nothing more than the fact that you don’t see many bros in baggy ecru cords. Don’t misunderstand. I like cords, I like ecru. But the scarcity of other men currently wearing cords that are both baggy and ecru, led me to the conclusion that I had to move fast and buy some. There is, after all no point buying baggy ecru cords if every man in the land is wearing baggy ecru cords. Which, of course, as we’ve established, they’re not.

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Some in the ‘farshon’ press are on about corduroy being big next winter. But this is this winter. And as far as I’m concerned, corduroy is happening now, right now. And not just corduroy, baggy ecru corduroy. What, seriously? You’re not wearing baggy ecru corduroy? Well. I expect now you feel quite the fool.

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