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Creative mastermind voodoo

Fuck this dude’s louche. Look at him buttoning up that jacket. Look at that face. He’s got a brain full of microfinance packages and big data. He hasn’t been stuffing his face with pickled walnuts while heckling the Christmas Strictly. He’s a proper grown up bro. Christ I hate him.

He’s dropping some big jacketing. Jacketing that looks like he found it in a bin, but cost 448 quid. Sounds cheap right? Yeah, well the good people at Trunk have snipped 112 notes off the original 560 swing ticket, so, I guess you’ll be wanting to snap this fucker up.


It’s Comme des Garcons Homme, a line designed by Junya Watanabe and realised in soft polyester flannel. There’s some garment dying going on for a deep navy finish and an unpressed vibe, so you’ll defo be giving off some ‘creative mastermind’ voodoo.

productimage.php1 productimage.php2

If you’re planning on shitting with a new lifestyle in 2015, this is the lifestyle to shit with. Monocle reading, green tea sipping, artisan salad munching, lying about the importance of your job, opinion on everything, brain full of nothing… Well, one can dream.

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