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The Goldman Sachs folktronica house band

Visvim confounds me. I don’t know who wears it? I don’t know who it’s aimed at? I can’t comprehend the lifestyle of a bro who wears Visvim. It’s all leather tassels and fleeces, fucked-up looking leather and artisan denim dip dyed by space priests. And it’s almost sarcastically expensive. Visvim seems to be designing exclusively for the Goldman Sachs folktronica house band.

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This coat is Gore-Tex, it’s busting wooden buttons, adjustable cuffs with corduroy trim and just to mess with your mind, its got a corduroy patch on the right arm and a twill patch on the left. That’s design right there.

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As with all Visvim, it’s made in Japan, which makes it mad-cool. But it’ll quadra-trash your wallet for the privilege. How do you feel about £700 for the pleasure? Well don’t even bother little man,  it’s actually a bank-fisting £1070. But remember, it comes with wooden buttons right. And working pockets. And that glorious sense of being down a grand on something you’ll probably end up burning with a fag.

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