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Feeling lethargic as balls

I’m all for slang. I think the manipulation and evolution of language is a positive thing. It’s creative. It can be humorous, actually enhance communication and help reinforce shared ideals and a sense of belonging. None of this is applicable to the use of the word, ‘ledge’. Meaning, ‘legend.’ Meaning, when I hear someone say it, I have the urge to flay myself with a vegetable peeler.

You know who actually says ‘ledge’? People who don’t usually use slang. People who’ve heard a Radio 1 DJ say ‘ledge’, so now they say ‘ledge’ too. God, I hate ‘ledge’.

Not that that’s got anything to do with the Nowgone Pioneers sweatshirt range. I mean, really, there’s no connection whatsoever. I thought about trying to shoehorn my hatred of ‘ledge’ into my appreciation of these tops, you know, something vaguely witty, that marries the two disparate entities into a coherent whole. But I just couldn’t be arsed. This is the laziest post ever.

Anyway, I’m all about that bold, navy and white number at the top of the page. You can grab it over at the Polloi for an English ton. They do it in grey too…


And they do a thin stripy one…


And squarer cut one, with a smart trim on the cuffs and hem…


Dunno much about the Nowgone Pioneers. I keep reading that they’re ‘industry insiders’. But then you would be if you were inside the industry right? Like anyone who works in the fashion game? No? I don’t know. I’m feeling lethargic as balls today. Look, if anyone from the Nowgone Pioneers is actually reading this wackness, drop me a line. I’ll send you some questions. You can answer them and I can post more about your garmage. Sound like a plan? Good. Can I go now.

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